Willow MetaboLib v.1.0: The Metabolite Willow Library


GenoRem Willow MetaboLib v.1.0

The  metabolite library Willow MetaboLib v.1.0 is a freely accessible electronic database of willow metabolites. It has been constructed based on data from LTQ Orbitrap MS (ESI+ and ESI-), GC/EI/MS, and 1D 1H NMR analyses of willow leaves, and data retrieved from freely available databases (e.g. PoplarCyc, KEGG, KNapSack, PubChem), and the literature. It contains information on monoisotopic masses, molecular formulas, pathways, and chemical groups of low molecular weight willow metabolites. The Willow MetaboLib v.1.0 aims in serving as a tool for robust large-scale willow metabolomics and it is part of the GenoRem project funded by Genome Canada and Genome Quebec. GenoRem is a multidisciplinary project which aims in developing and improving new green technologies for the phytoremediation of polluted soils.